Order A Yearbook


Photos for the yearbook will be held Tuesday through Thursday, February 14-16 and March 27-29.  More information about these photo dates will be emailed to the community. Group pictures of student organizations and journals are tentatively schedule for early April.

Click here to schedule your appointment.


Congratulatory ads are also a fun way for students to say thank you to their sections, organizations, faculty, or friends, or for their friends and family to memorialize their student’s time at HLS and to say WAY TO GO!  Click here for more information on purchasing a congratulatory ad for this year’s yearbook.


Want to upload your own portrait? Just go to this link and upload your portrait image in the first upload area. Fill out your name and other information, then click ‘Save Image Details’ to have your portrait ready for the Yearbook. That’s it!


Get your pictures in the yearbook! The Yearbook Staff invites HLS students, family or friends to submit photos for the 2012 HLS Yearbook. If you have great photos of school and community events or you and your friends just having fun, we’d like to see them. Our photographers can’t be everywhere so we want you to help us get as many photos as possible to in order to create the best yearbook possible.

Here is how you can submit photos online:
Go to: https://images.jostens.com/login?user=400135497&pw=harvardlaw

If it does not automatically log you into the site, enter username:400135497 and password:harvardlaw

Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload. (minimum recommended resolution of 400X600pixels). Enter information about the photo and provide contact information in case the staff needs additional information. Click “Save Details”.

It’s that easy! Submit your photos today!

*Please note that the Yearbook Staff will review all photos and determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used in the book.


Yearbooks are $75 and can be purchased online: http://jostensyearbooks.com/?REF=A03427596

Due to the inclusion of Commencement in the yearbook, books will ship in July.

Questions?  Email dos@law.harvard.edu