Exam Questions

Help is available!

Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any exam questions:

Office of the Registrar

The Registrar’s Office website has more information on exam rules and policies, plus updated scheduling info.

Please note: exams can’t be deferred because of computer theft or malfunction, exams scheduled consecutively, study time lost or other non-emergency situations.  Students are expected to be prepared for exams by the examination period.  Exams must be taken as scheduled.

There are limited exceptions where students may request to defer an exam.  Please see the Exam Deferment Policy. If you have an exam problem relating to an illness or a personal, family or medical emergency, please contact the Dean of Students Office:

Dean of Students Office

Some important info:

·  Exams at HLS are anonymous. Please do not contact your professor about an exam for any reason. Call or email the Dean of Students Office or Office of the Registrar instead.

·  If you are sick on an exam day, you should go to UHS (617-495-4414) and have the doctor get in touch with the Dean of Students Office as soon as possible.

·  If it is after hours or on a weekend when you are sick, you should go to UHS at Holyoke Center (75 Mt Auburn St). The urgent care number is 617-495-5711. Please have your doctor get in touch with the Dean of Students Office as soon as possible.

·  If you are sick and cannot get to Holyoke Center by yourself, you can call the Harvard University Police Department for a medical transport. Their number is 617-495-1212.

·  If you become ill in the middle of an in-class exam, please tell a proctor and then go to UHS. If you have seen the exam, the rule is that you have to finish it that day, so you will probably see a doctor, have a chance to rest, and then have to finish it later. If you get sick during a take-home exam, please call the Dean of Students Office and then go to UHS.  The Dean of Students Office cannot make any adjustments after the fact, so please stop the exam if necessary.

·  If there is an emergency (either personal or involving a family member), please call the Dean of Students Office as soon as possible.

·  If you are having other issues that might affect your ability to take your exam, please call or email the Dean of Students Office.

·  This time of year is very stressful, so be good to yourself.  Take care of yourself as much as possible — remember to sleep, eat actual food (that doesn’t come from vending machines), and use caffeine, energy drinks and alcohol in moderation.