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On-Campus Housing

Approximately 33% of all HLS students live in on-campus housing. There are 599 on campus dorms, and the student classification breakdown of these 599 residents is as follows:

Student Classification Percentage of 599
1L 41%
2L 18%
3L 14%
Other – Exchange, Visiting Researcher, other Harvard graduate   students 9%
Learn more about Harvard's commitment to Sustainability

Learn more about Harvard’s commitment to Sustainability

Living on campus has tremendous benefits:

  • proximity!!!
  • tightly-knit community
  • great way to meet HLS students from different sections, year, and programs
  • 9 month lease based on academic calendar
  • all utilities included
  • no security deposit
  • online room selection; no need to visit Boston to house hunt!
  • fully-furnished dorms and apartments
  • HLS housing is treated as a student service rather than a business

Harvard Law Schools On Campus housing varies greatly in style, amenities, and price depending on which of the following housing options a student chooses:

Gropius Complex - Shaw, Story, Ames, Dane, and Holmes Hall

Hastings Hall

North Hall

HLS Apartments