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North Hall

North Hall, a converted hotel consisting of 112 single dorms, is located two blocks north of the Law School campus. Because every North Hall dorm has a private bathroom, residents have a great deal of privacy.  All floors are coed, and most have a kitchen on the floor. There is a large lounge on the first floor where students can socialize, watch TV, or study. To get the best sense of North Hall, check out the North Hall Photo Gallery and North Hall floor plans below. View Room Types and Prices for listings of North Hall room types, prices, square footage, and number of units.

August 2014 Move In Disclaimer for Residents of North Hall

Due to renovations in the summer of 2014, North Hall will not be open to residents until August 11, 2014. 2Ls, 3Ls, Transfers, and returning SJDs who select to live in North Hall, and who intend to move on campus before August 11th will be housed in the Gropius Complex. On August 11th, students will be able to move into their North Hall room. Movers will be provided free of charge to assist with these moves. 1Ls, LLMs, and incoming SJDs will be unaffected by this because their residency dates will commence after August 11th.


Pros to Living in North Hall

  • only on campus dorm with private bathrooms
  • only on campus dorm with full-sized beds (with the exception of the Small room types, which have extra-long twin beds)
  • only on campus dorm with elevators
  • only on campus dorm with air conditioning
  • most private dorm option

Furnishings and Features of North Hall

  • Full Size Bed (Medium, Standard, Large room types)
  • Long Twin Size Bed (Small room type)
  • Desk and Chair
  • Dresser
  • Nightstand (Large room type)
  • Bookshelf
  • Built-In Closet
  • Wastebasket and Recycling Bin/Bag
  • Private Bathroom (sink, shower, toilet)
  • Wireless and Wired Internet Access
  • Individual Control of Heating/Air Conditioning (in line with the HLS Temperature Policy)
  • storage in basement
  • laundry room on first floor
  • communal kitchens on floors 2 – 5
  • communal lounge of first floor

Floor Details

Floor Details
Basement Resident Storage
Floor 1 Coed Floor Lounge Vending Machines Laundry Room
Floor 2 Coed Floor Kitchen
Floor 3 Coed Floor Kitchen
Floor 4 Coed Floor Kitchen
Floor 5 Coed Floor Kitchen Coed Floor
Floor 6 Coed Floor


North Hall Floor Plans