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2014 Move Out


  • Complete the quick Move Out Survey which will be emailed to you during mid April
  • Cancel your Comcast service and return any Comcast equipment
  • Remove all of your belongings from your room
  • Clean your room and discard all trash/recycling
  • Restore all furniture to the original configuration
  • Complete the  Mail Forwarding Request Form
  • Return your keys to the Facilities Management Office, Holmes Hall 4

Cleaning Out Your Room

Trash and recycling bags will be available in each hallway or entry beginning at the end of April to help you clean out your room for move out. Prior to your move out, you must remove all personal items and trash from your dorm room. Any student who does not remove all of the trash and/or personal items from his dorm room will be charged up to $150 for trash and $150 for personal items left in the room.

  • Trash and recycling bags will be available on the hallways/entryways until May 31st.
  • You may take as many bags as you need.
  • Trash bags are clear.
  • Recycling bags are clear with the blue recycling symbol on them.
  • Please make sure that you put your trash and recycling in the appropriate bag, so that the custodians do not have to comb through the garbage to separate trash from recycling.
  • When you have filled a trash bag and/or recycling bag, you may place it right outside your dorm door. The custodians will take these bags.
  • Please remember that you can donate most personal items at the dorm donation stations.

Move Out Fees

Students will be charged fees for the following:

  • Failure to remove all personal items from dorm room including food, furniture, books, clothing, bedding, etc. Please remember that most items can be placed in the donation stations.
  • Failure to personally return all cable equipment to Comcast
  • Failure to properly return keys to the Facilities Management office
  • Failure to pull all trash and recycling in trash and recycling bags
  • Late move outs

Comcast Equipment Return

If you have Comcast service, you must personally cancel your service by calling 1-800-COMCAST, whether you have equipment or not.  If you have equipment, you will have to return this equipment directly to a Comcast service center. Students who leave their cable equipment in their dorms will be fined $100 by HLS, in addition to Comcast account penalties. HLS will not return equipment to Comcast on your behalf.

Deadlines for Move-Out

  • Non-Graduating Students and non-HLS students – May 19, 2014 by 5:00 pm EST
  • 1Ls participating in the Law Review Competition – May 25, 2014 by 5:00 pm EST
  • Graduating Students and SJDs – May 30, 2014 by 5:00 pm EST

All students are welcome to move out on any date earlier than the above listed dates, but we are not, under any circumstances, able to accommodate later move out dates. Students who fail to move out by the above-listed deadline will be charged $500 for every additional night that they stay in their dorm past their move out deadline.

Donating Items

Instead of throwing your extra belongings in the trash during the move-out rush, donate them! Donation stations will be set up at HLS from late April until the end of  May. Locations will be:

  • Hark Concourse, Caspersen Student Center (across from the ramp)
  • Outdoor underpass between Story Hall and the Hark
  •  Covered patio between Holmes and Ames
  • 1st floor walkway between Ames and Dane
  • 1st floor walkway between Story and Shaw
  • North Hall Lounge
  • Hastings Basement (Entry 5 near kitchen and near entry 3 stairs)

You can donate:

  • Books, Horn books, textbooks, notebooks, office supplies (even partially-used)
  • Dorm supplies such as mini-fridges, storage crates, fans, bulletin boards, cinder blocks, bricks, and lumber
  • Futons, rugs, mirrors (place next to box and clearly label as “For Harvard Habitat for Humanity”)
  • Clothing and shoes (tied together), athletic equipment, toys and linens
  • Unopened Non perishable food (canned goods, boxed pasta, microwaveables)
  • Unfinished bottles of laundry detergent and household cleaners
  • Toiletries, shampoo, lotions, and cosmetics
  • Computers and parts, printers, and other electronics

Benefiting charities include Harvard Habitat for Humanity, the Cambridge YWCA Family Shelter, Mass Coalition for the Homeless, Greater Boston Food Bank, Unite for Sight, Better World Books, and Students United to Fight Hunger. If you have any questions, please ask your Green Living Rep or email

Hastings Gate

The Hastings Gate will be open beginning April 25, 2014, and extending through May 31, 2014. Please note that while you can drive a car into the courtyard area, you cannot drive a box truck in as it will not fit through the gate. Please do not park on the grass or sidewalk.

Key Return

It is essential that you return your key before you leave campus.

  • All residents will return an exterior dorm key, an interior dorm key, and a mailbox key.
  • Students may return the keys to the Facilities Management office (Holmes Hall room 4) between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday – Friday.
    • If you need to return your keys anytime outside of business hours, you may turn them in to the exterior drop box outside of Holmes Hall. However, all keys returned to the Holmes Hall drop box must be in an envelope with the student’s name, dorm building, and dorm room written on the outside. Any loose or unlabeled keys in the drop box will be considered lost, and you will be charged for them.
    • Key envelopes will be distributed to all resident mailboxes on April 25, 2014. If you need a key envelope anytime before this, or if you misplace this envelope and need a new one, you may procure one during business hours from the Facilities Management office.
  • Students who do not return their dorms keys properly will be charged up to $150. This includes:
    • Students who do not return their keys at all.
    • Students who leave their dorm keys in their dorm rooms or mailboxes after move out.
    • Students who give their keys to someone else to return for them.
    • Students who put loose keys in the Holmes Hall drop box.
    • Students who put their keys in an unlabeled envelope in the Holmes Hall drop box.


HLS does not provide any moving assistance during move out. If you need assistance moving out of your room, you may hire college students to help you move in through the Harvard Student Agencies Moving Services website. The price for student movers is $15/per student/per half hour. You can also check out the Storage and Movers page for a list of private moving, shipping, and storage companies.

Mail Forwarding

The HLS Residential Mail Center will forward any first class mail (bills and personal letters). Non-first class mail (magazines and junk mail) that arrives during the summer will be discarded. Forwarding begins once you have returned your keys and lasts until August 1, 2014. Graduating students should note that your mail forwarding will also end on August 1, 2014.   All first class mail received after this date will be returned to the sender. Once you move out you should notify any organizations, companies, or people who will be sending you mail of your new address.

Please note that completing the change of address form with the USPS does not work for the HLS dorms because they are not residential addresses.  To make sure you get your mail over the summer,  you must complete the form below in order for your mail to be forwarded. If you do not complete this form, your mail will be returned to sender. You will not be able to stop by the HLS Residential Mail Center during the summer to pick it up.

To request mail forwarding you must complete the Summer Mail Forwarding Request Form.

Shipping Belongings Home

You can ship directly from campus via UPS. UPS will pick packages up from the HLS Residential Mail Center that have already been scheduled for pick-up, are paid for, and have a UPS shipping label/bar code on it.

  • Pack the box
  • Borrow a scale from the HLS Residential Mail Center to weigh the box
  • Go online to to pay for your shipping
  • Print a shipping label/bar code and adhere it to the box
  • Bring the box to the HLS Residential Mail Center; UPS will not pick the box up at your dorm room

You can also check out the Storage and Movers page for a list of other private moving, shipping, and storage companies.


Limited on-campus storage space is available for students who will be living in the residence halls in the fall. All items must be tagged with the official storage labels and must include your name, email, phone number, and current dorm information. These labels are available at the Facilities Management Office, Holmes Hall 4, beginning on April 14th. You may store a maximum of three boxes or suitcases. You may also store a minifridge, but it counts as one of your 3 items. Items that are not properly labeled will be discarded.

You can access the storage units by picking up a key from the Facilities Management Office, Holmes Hall 4, or by contacting your RA. (You will be asked to leave your HUID or Driver’s License until you return the key.) Students who are not not living in HLS Housing for 2014-2015 are not eligible for summer storage and must remove their belongings when they move out.

All storage is done at your own risk, so please do not store valuable items such as computers and TVs in the storage areas, or anything with sentimental value. Harvard Law School and Harvard University are not responsible for the items that you store.

Rules of storage are:

    • Each student is allowed a maximum of 3 items
    • Personal items must be in boxes, suitcases, bins, or Tupperware tubs, with the exception of minifridges which do not have to be in a box but will count as one of your items
      • Students are not allowed to store furniture items or bicycles in the HLS storage rooms
      • The largest item allowed is approximately 19″ x 21″ x 32″
      • All items must fit on or under the storage room shelves and the aisle must remain clear to allow access to the storage room
    • Each of your three items must be labeled with the proper 2014-2015 storage sticker
      • Stickers are procured from the Facilities Management office, Holmes Hall room 3,  between  April 14th and May 30th
      • Each student will only be given 3 storage stickers, and will have to sign that he received these stickers
      • If a student loses his storage stickers, Facilities will not be able to provide new stickers
      • Only students who have a room reservation for next year will be able to pick up storage labels
        • Due to limited storage space this summer, students who are waiting to get on campus housing will not be able to get storage labels until they secure a room on campus
    • All items placed in the storage rooms are at your own risk! It is not that uncommon for things to go missing from the HLS storage rooms, so please do not put anything in there of great monetary or sentimental value; HLS is not responsible for your items if they are lost or damaged while in the storage rooms
    • Any items improperly stored, either because they are not in a box, suitcase, or bin, or because they are not labeled with the summer storage labeled will be donated to charity
    • After move out, students will not be able to access the storage rooms until August move in

In Hastings Hall, the storage room is located in Entry 1 on the fifth floor. For North Hall, the storage room is located in the basement. In the Gropius Complex, storage rooms are located in the basements of Shaw, Story, Ames, and Dane Halls. Because HLS will be renovating North Hall during the summer of 2014, the North Hall storage room will not be open for use. North Hall and HLS Apartment residents may use the Gropius or Hastings storage rooms.

You can also check out the Storage and Movers page for a list of private moving, shipping, and storage companies.

Please note that PODS, SmartBoxes, Door-To-Door and other types of container storage cannot be used by residents of the HLS on-campus housing, as there is no place to put these containers, even for limited times. If you would like to use one of these services, you can request a permit for one of the curbside metered spots operated by the city of Cambridge –

North Hall Residents

Due to 2014 summer renovations of North Hall, graduating residents (and 1L residents participating in law review) of these three dorms will have a slightly different move out process.

  • All North Hall residents must fill out the North Hall Move Out Survey, which will be emailed to residents in mid-April.
  • North storage room will be offline for the summer of 2014. North Hall and the HLS Apartments residents may use any of the other storage rooms available on campus. Students should remove all items from the North Hall storage room by 5:00 pm EST on April 4th. Anything left in the storage rooms after this deadline will be donated.
  • As with all of the dorms, non-graduating residents must be moved out by 5:00 pm on May 19, 2014, so non-graduating residents of North Hall will not be affected by these renovations.
  • Graduating students and 1Ls participating in law review will be moved from North to rooms in Gropius on May 21st by 5:00pm.
  • Movers will be provided, free of charge, to move personal items into new dorms on May 21st. Students may opt out of using movers in the North Hall Move Out Survey, which will be email out in mid-April.
  • Students who decide to move themselves (without use of the movers) on May 21st must have their belongings cleared from the building no later than 5:00pm.
  • Facilities will provide moving boxes and moving labels free of charge.
  • Students do not need to be present for the May 21st dorm moves to Gropius. However, if residents are unable to be present during the May 21st moves, they need to make sure that all of their items are properly packed and labeled. Proper packing means the following:
    • All items needs to be securely packed in moving boxes, suitcases, or plastic storage bins.
      • Movers will not pack items for students. If it is not packed in a box, suitcase, or bin, it will be assumed that students do not want these items, and they will be thrown away or donated. Fees will apply.
    • All boxes, suitcases, and bins need to be clearly labeled with the North Hall Dorm Move label, which will be available in the Facilities Management Office beginning on April 21, 2014.
  • North Hall rooms will be cleaned out on May 22nd. Anything left in rooms will be donated or thrown away. Fees will apply for leaving personal items in the dorm rooms.