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Room Cancellations

HLS Dorm Cancellation Policy

Students who have selected or been assigned an HLS dorm may be charged a penalty for canceling the room. The penalty fee will be applied to the Harvard term bill and escalates throughout the summer. Fees for cancelling a dorm room are:
  • Prior to June 1: no penalty or fee of any kind
  • June 1 – June 30: $500 cancellation fee, but no liability for rent
  • July 1 and after: $500 cancellation fee plus full academic year room fee until re-rental in which case the cost will be $500 plus the pro-rated fee

Students are officially responsible for the room once they sign the HLS Housing contract. No penalties will ever be applied if a student does not sign a housing contract.

HLS Apartments Cancellation Policy

Students who apply for and are confirmed for an apartment in the HLS Apartments (1637 Massachusetts Avenue, 3 Mellen Street, and 5 Mellen St) are fully liable and responsible for the apartment once they have received a confirmation email from the Dean of Students Office and signed the lease, both of which occur during the spring term. Students who have received a confirmation e-mail and signed the lease for an apartment and then decide to cancel are subject to the $500 cancellation penalty and the cost of the unit until it is re-rented. The the tiered cancellations mentioned above for the HLS Dorms do not apply to HLS apartment leases.

Exceptions to the Cancellation Policies

Students who have a confirmed room or apartment, but will not be enrolled at Harvard Law School, may be granted an exception to the cancellation penalties. This includes:

  • deferring admission to Harvard Law School
  • withdrawing or declining admission to Harvard Law School
  • an approved leave of absence
  • study abroad / joint degree program, which will cause student to not be in attendance at Harvard Law School for one or both semester of the academic year

Students must contact the Dean of Students Office at  promptly in order for the penalty fee not to be charged.

Cancelling your Room

To cancel your 2014-2015 HLS dorm or apartment:

To cancel your HLS dorm prior to June 1, 2014:

  1. Log in to HAHLS
  2. Select “Application” from the top navigation
  3. Select Academic Year 2014-2015
  4. Save and Continue
  5. Select “Cancel Application,” which is above the top navigation all the way to the right
  6. Select “Cancel Application” at the bottom of the page

If you need to cancel your 2014-2015 HLS dorm or apartment on or after July 1, 2014, please contact