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Room Changes

Room changes can occur at any point before or after move in, as long as there is a vacant room available.

Room Changes Prior to August 1, 2014

Students who have bookings for 2014-2015 may change their room in the following way:

    • Room Swap
      • All of the vacant rooms can be seen in the Room Swap function of HAHLS
      • The list of available rooms in Room Swap will change on a daily basis as students cancel and select rooms
      • The Room Swap function allows students to swap their current room for any vacant room on campus
      • To access Room Swap
        • Log in to HAHLS
        • Select “Application” from the top navigation
        • On the Term Selector page, choose Academic Year 2013-2014
        • Choose Room Swap from the numbered navigation line toward the top of the page
    • Room Swap will close on August 1, 2014
    • Students may change rooms using Room Swap as many times as they would like prior to August 1, 2014
    • If you change rooms using Room Swap, you will not resign your contract. Instead, finalizing a swap using either of these functions constitutes as a binding addeundum to your original housing contract.
    • There is no fee associated with changing a room
    • If you move into a more expensive room, you will be billed the additional amount
    • If you move into a less expensive room, you will be credited the difference

Room Change After August 1, 2014

If you would like to change your room after August 1, 2014, please contact with your request. Please note that you are welcome to change rooms anytime after move in as well.