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Moving Sale! Everything Must GO!

I am selling everything in my two bedrooms condo at Inman Square Cambridge.
I was planning a moving sale to sell everything separately but before I do that, I wanted to see if anybody would like to get everything at once!
I can not remember exactly what I have altogether since I haven’t seen my apartment a for a year. (I have been out of US for a year) but I will write everything here that comes to my mind at the moment, at least big furniture.

1- King size bed + its metal frame
2- Queen size bed with frame
3- One big red couch that becomes a single bed. (see the photos)
4- Two IKEA arm chairs, red. One has stain on it. I am not sure if it will be gone when it is washed. Other one is fine (see the photos)
5- One wooden kitchen table, that can be folded half. Really nice. It can be used as a study table too. (see the photos)
6- Two chairs (see the photos)
7- TV and TV stand (see the photos)
8- Radio/CD Player (see the photos)
9- 2 Coffee tables. One is dark wood, other one is IKEA style. (see the photos)
10- One white wooden IKEA computer cabinet + its white leather chair. (see the photos)
11- 2 nice, big wooden IKEA storage units. They can be used in the kitchen, garage, bedroom (see the photos)
12- One nice, big wooden IKEA clothes wardrobe (see the photos)
13- Two massive wood chest of drawers. (see the photos)
14- Two standing lamps for living room/bedroom. (see the photos)
15- Wall clock (see the photo)
16- Wall frames
17- Curtains
18- Tons of kitchenware: pots and pans, silverware, glasses, plates and many more. Basically everything in the apartment!

I probably forgot more stuff but if you are a student or single person/couple who is moving in town, just buy everything and you are all set!

I do not have a US phone number at the moment but I will be in Cambridge between June 25th and June 28th. You can take everything between those dates. Please email me for now!


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