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Room for rent near HLS and Harvard Sq. // Utilities included!

The Place:
- The apartment is located in the Harvard Quad (quiet residential area) and has next-door
access to the Harvard Quad shuttle, QRAC gym, and the Quad library. It is a 10-min
walk to Harvard Square. It is also a 5-minute walk to Porter Square, an area with several
super markets, numerous restaurants, coffee shops, etc. The apartment is clean and
modern, has all kitchen appliances, washing and drying machines are in the basement.
- One shared bathroom, large living room and kitchen
- Located on Fernald Drive in Cambridge, MA
- Carpet floor
- Second of three floors
- Coin- and credit card-operated laundry available on the first floor
- Both ethernet cable and wifi. There is a TV in the living room
- The available room has one big window, is on the east side of the apartment and can fit
a queen bed, desk, dresser, etc. (It also has a built-in closet.)
- No pets allowed

The Money:
- The rent for the available room is $785. See the floor plan (attached) for the available
room (110 sq feet).
- No security deposits required (all lease processing handled through Harvard)
- Free utilities. Utilities include heat, electricity and fast ethernet cable internet access.
ALL included!
- You should be willing to sign a lease through the Harvard Real Estate Office from July
1, 2013 to June 31, 2014. These dates are non-negotiable and you should be willing to
sign a lease for this period. All leasing is handled through the central Harvard Real Estate

The Responsibilities:
- On the first weekend of each month, we clean the apartment.
- We have a “clean as you go” lifestyle. A bowl and a couple utensils in the sink
overnight is not an issue, but we all generally clean up after ourselves right away
- Absolutely no smoking or drugs inside the apartment

The People:
- 2 guys, late 20′s to early 30′s (2 hard-studying grad students). One gay, one straight.
- We have varying schedules, sometimes up for the gym at 5am, sometimes coming home
from the library at 3am
- We tend to keep the party away from the apartment. We all work/study hard, and it’s
nice to come home to a quiet place
- We all have our own lives, but enjoy sharing a couple beers, cooking a meal, and
watching the odd movie or just hanging out and talking
- Please note this is for ONE person only. You’re welcome to have friends/significant
others over, but a courtesy email to the rest of the roomies is appreciated.

For the price, location, and quality of the apartment, we know this is a great find, and are
interviewing for the right roommate. Please send us an email with the following info:
- Work or school details
- Something interesting about yourself
- Reason for leaving current housing situation
- Any questions about the place
- Contact nikolov.pv AT gmail DOT com