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Looking for 2 roommates for apartment 5 minutes from HLS

The apartment is no longer available.

I’m looking to fill two other bedrooms in a shared 3 bedroom apartment very close to Harvard Law School. The apartment has a full kitchen, 1 bathroom, and dining room / living room, and is very close to a Starbucks, an indie cafe, and a couple of bars. It’s also within walking distance of two supermarkets (about 10-15 min walk) and one smaller grocery store (5 min walk). Rent is $1000 per person. Utilities usually come out to ~$35 per person every month).

The bedrooms are fairly large, with hardwood floors. One of the free bedrooms is larger than the other, but the smaller one does an impressively large closet.

The lease for the next year begins August 1.

Let me know whether you’re interested! E-mail me at