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Household items Moving SALE! Surprisingly low price!

Hi, urgent moving sale !!! I will leave HLS soon and need to clean out all my household appliances now!

I have everything you need and all the items are clean and in GOOD condition. Simply contact me and offer your price and let’s see whether it would be a deal. Promise you a surprisingly low price!

Here are a rice cooker ( for all families );

  • a brand new microwave oven;

  • a rice warmer ( either can be used to warm any kind of meals);

  • one new FAN;

  • one GREAT made wooden foldable table with chairs;

  • a study lamp ( bought in amazon and protectable for your eyes)


  • I do not know how to upload photos in this forum. please see photos uploaded in Craiglist:

  • Contact me directly at 6177687465! Thank you!