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bread machine, like new, $50 obo

 Wouldn’t it be amazing to have freshly baked bread waiting for you when you get home from the library/crema/bar review/whatever you do with your time during the year? Wait – don’t answer that, I’ll answer for you. Yes, it would. It would make life and nutrition so much easier, and so much more delicious. The good news is that you can totally have this experience, with your very own bread machine. You literally will just drop ingredients in and press a button, and then make tasty sandwiches all week long. It’s in fantastic condition, and if my new place had a kitchen that was anything close to a normal size, you’d never have a shot. (The new kitchen is tiny, lucky you.) Email if you’re interested! Here’s what it looks like new: Asking $50. (857) 259-8320.