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Rising 1L looking for kosher roommate

I am a female rising 1L looking to move as close to the law school as possible (currently in NY). I am looking for a roommate willing to keep a kosher kitchen. I would like to have everything settled ASAP, including apartment hunting and signing ...READ MORE

Looking for a 3-week Summer Sublet

Our 2nd baby has just been born, and the grandparents are coming to town to see her. They are looking for a sublet for 3 weeks from late June until the middle of July. The dates are flexible. My parents are very quiet and responsible. ...READ MORE

Roommate needed – incoming 1L here

Rising 1L, male, 24, starting my JD/MBA. NY/NYC raised.

Looking for a roommate who either wants to do some apartment hunting ASAP or wants to fill spare room in an existing place

Amenable to living with either gender. Social, laid-back guy who tries hard to compartmentalize ...READ MORE