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Archive for April 20th, 2013

Harvard Law School is dedicated to providing students with appropriate support and services to ensure that they have an accessible and welcoming learning environment. Accessibility Services, in the Dean of Students Office, exists to support students experiencing any type of challenge in law school. We can assist with many supports including, but not limited to: ■Accommodations for People with Disabilities ■Personal Emergency and Illness ■ Learning Support Services ■Personal and Medical Leaves ■Support for Parents and Expecting Parents ■Wellness Resources ■Referrals to University and Community Resources

  • Common Reactions to Abnormal Events

    What is a traumatic event? In the course of a lifetime, most of us will experience a sudden, terrible, overwhelming event.  The event or our reactions to it are called a trauma.  Examples of traumatic events include an unexpected death, suicide attempts by friends or family members, a physical or sexual assault or other act of violence, the onset of a significant […]

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