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Disability Accommodations

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Assistance for Students with Disabilities
HLS is committed to working with students with disabilities. In all cases, the usual standards of judgment and assessment of student’s overall academic performance apply. The Dean of Students Office, upon review of medical documentation and consultation with professionals, may make accommodations to assist students with disabilities. Such accommodations will be confidential, reasonable and appropriate to the circumstances, will confer equal opportunity on students with disabilities, and will not infringe on the essential requirements of or fundamentally alter the program.

Harvard University is a community devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and the services offered by the Law School are designed to foster access for students with disabilities. With information from you, along with proper confidential clinical documentation, we will work with you to provide reasonable accommodations, as appropriate. All requests for services and accommodations will be evaluated by our office in conjunction with Harvard policies, the University Disability Coordinator, and the law. The provision of services in a previous educational setting does not guarantee that they will be approved here. We may need to request additional interpretation from your clinician, from University Health Services or another appropriate healthcare provider. HLS strives to be supportive of the academic and personal needs of each student. We are committed to helping those with disabilities to become full participants in the life of the University.

Bar Exam Accommodations
Graduating students who plan on filing a petition for special testing accommodations for taking the bar exam should first go to the website of the state where they are taking the exam and familiarize themselves with the application requirements and deadlines. Most applications are due 90 days prior to the test date, but the Bar recommends sending in completed applications as soon as possible. Students filing a petition will need a statement from a law school official that specifies the accommodations made available (if any) during the administration of law school examinations. In addition, any written reports that were the basis for the accommodations need to be included. Students should contact, who will complete the Statement of Law School Official.

Disability Shuttle Service
Harvard’s disability shuttle is designed for persons who, because of mobility impairment (either permanent or temporary) or medical condition, find it extremely difficult or impossible to use the regular shuttle bus. This service operates year-round throughout the Cambridge and Allston campuses. Students who wish to request shuttle service should first contact Medical documentation is required. Rides are by appointment only. The service normally operates from 7:45 a.m. until 7 p.m. seven days a week with reduced hours during the summer months and recess periods. After 7 p.m., fully accessible shuttle vans are available through the evening van service (reservations are not required for this). More information can be found on the University Shuttle Service’s web page.

Guests in Need of Accommodations
Students who need accommodations for their guests at HLS events should contact the Dean of Students Office at

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