Authors interested in submitting manuscripts of articles for publication should contact HELR at the earliest possible date. HELR accepts manuscripts year-round. There is no formal deadline for publication in a given issue, but decisions for the Winter issue are generally made by early September; and for the Spring issue by late January.

Length limits:

HELR has adopted a new policy limiting the length of articles we will accept or publish. The policy is an effort to address the growing length of law review articles and is inspired by length limits adopted by the Harvard Law Review.

HELR will give preference to articles under 25,000 words in length including text and footnotes. HELR will not publish articles exceeding 35,000 words, except in extraordinary circumstances.

How to submit an article:

If you would like HELR to consider your article for publication, please submit the article, your CV, and a cover letter to HELR via Expresso. Alternatively, you may submit the article, your CV, and a cover letter to HELR via email, by sending these documents to hlselr [at]. Please note that Expresso submissions are strongly preferred and will be granted priority review.