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Unilateral Climate Regulation

Unilateral Climate Regulation

By James W. Coleman It is now plain that decades of negotiation toward a binding global climate treaty have failed. Yet, at the same time,..

Ten Ways States Can Combat Ocean Acidification (and Why They Should)

By Ryan P. Kelly and Margaret R. Caldwell The ocean is becoming more acidic worldwide as a result of increasing atmospheric concentrations..

Changing Climate, Unchanging Act, Improvising Agency, Enabling Court: The Story of Coalition for Responsible Regulation v. EPA

By Laura King Coalition for Responsible Regulation v. EPA follows from and amplifies the Supreme Court’s decision in Massachusetts v...

Toward an International Aviation Emissions Agreement

By Brian F. Havel & Gabriel S. Sanchez It is impossible to predict the eventual stopping place of the climate change discourse. If..

Carbon Offsets are a Bridge Too Far in the Tradable Property Rights Revolution

By Tyler McNish Tradable property rights-based carbon offsets are widely used as a policy tool for combating the greenhouse gas emissions..

Comment: American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut

By David R. Brody On June 20, 2011, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous and straightforward decision that the Clean Air Act displaces..

Eyes on a Climate Prize: Rewarding Energy Innovation to Achieve Climate Stabilization

By Jonathan H. Adler Stabilizing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases at double their pre-industrial levels (or lower) will..

Capturing Individual Harms

By Katrina Fischer Kuh The aggregated lifestyles and behaviors of individuals impose significant environmental harms yet remain largely..