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Volume 7-2

Symposium: Progressive Cities: Innovative Solutions to Urban Problems
Kasim Reed

Is a Progressive City Possible?: Reviving Urban Liberalism for the Twenty-First Century
Richard C. Schragger

A Federalist Blessing in Disguise: From National Inaction to Local Action on Underwater Mortgages
Robert Hockett & John Vlahoplus

Limited Authority, Big Impact: Chicago’s Sustainability Policies and How Cities Can Push an Agenda Amidst Federal and State Inaction
Michael Negron

The Promise and Peril of Cities and Immigration Policy
Rick Su

All (Food) Politics is Local: Increasing Food Access Through Local Government Action
Emily M. Broad Leib

General Essays
Constitutional Uncertainty and the Design of Social Insurance: Reflections on the Obamacare Case
Michael J. Graetz & Jerry L. Mashaw

Considering Class: College Access and Diversity
Matthew N. Gaertner & Melissa Hart

“Can You Hear Me Now?”: Making Participatory Governance Work for the Poor
Jaime Alison Lee

Short Essays
Reorienting the Principal-Agent Frame: Adopting the “Hartian” Assumption in Understanding and Shaping Legal Constraints on the Executive
Manik V. Suri

Impeding Local Laboratories: Obstacles to Urban Policy Diffusion in Local Government Law
Jacob Alderdice

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