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Student Blog: The impact of the Affordable Care Act on Drug Trafficking

No Comments 20 November 2013

By Colin Ross, HLS Class of 2016 – Forget the Tea Party – it’s international drug traffickers who truly fear the successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  The law of supply and demand makes it clear why. Traffickers service, and help create, the American demand for illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. […]

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2014 Symposium Announced

No Comments 05 November 2013

This year’s symposium (set for early 2014) addresses the War on Drugs, an age-old issue that has recently generated intense debate. We are currently preparing a list of panelists representing a wide range of philosophical, geographic, and occupational viewpoints. We are planning to invite a mixture of legal practitioners, academics, and non-profit and industry representatives […]

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Student Blog: Rosie the Riveter Cuts the Cap

No Comments 04 November 2013

By Jenna Tynan, HLS Class of 2016 – This year, Harvard Business School celebrates the 50th anniversary of its first coed class.  This effort to break gender barriers in education was just one piece of the greater movement (advanced through direct action, judicial decisions, and legislation) to enhance the status of women in the business […]

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