The HLS Advocates for Education (A4E) is an organization of students who are passionate about improving our nation’s education system and dedicated to raising awareness about current issues in education law and policy. A4E brings together students interested in these issues with practicing lawyers, policymakers, educators, and advocates. We seek to encourage greater understanding and participation by hosting various speakers and events throughout the year, as well as our annual conference. Whether you see education as a passing interest or your life’s work, we hope you will join us!

Last spring, our annual conference entitled Serving All Students: Examining Innovative School Models focused on the successes and challenges of innovative schools that are models for education reform. The conference included a Keynote Address by Dave Levin and Mike Feinberg, co-founders of the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP).  In Spring 2012, A4E hosted a conference entitled Closing the School to Prison Pipeline: Redirecting our Future. Both of these multi-disciplinary conferences featured speakers and panelists from across the country, including judges, legislators, professors, practitioners, school leaders, and policymakers. A4E’s annual conference seeks not only to raise awareness of critical issues, but also to identify and discuss potential solutions to problems in education reform.

Other recent events have included:

  • A panel on careers in education law
  • A student panel on summer jobs in education law
  • A screening and discussion of an education-related documentary (“Whatever it Takes”)
  • A fellowship information session
  • Several events related to juvenile justice issues
  • Education Dinners bringing together students across Harvard graduate campuses (business, education, law, policy, and public health)
  • A visit to a local charter school
  • A college and career readiness evening at the Dorchester Boys and Girls Club
  • A sugar rush mixer featuring various delectable desserts!

A4E recruits 1L students interested in getting more involved with the organization as 1L representatives or conference committee members. For more information, please drop by any of our events or contact one of our officers.

For general questions, please email advforedu[at]

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