The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a national organization with over 400,000 members, has been at the forefront of the fight to secure and protect the rights guaranteed by our Constitution since 1920.

The ACLU Harvard Law School Chapter (ACLU-HLS) works to continue and advance that fight from the campus, and alongside the students and faculty, of one of the world’s most prestigious and influential legal institutions. 

ACLU-HLS is a student-run organization. The chapter aims to advance and promote awareness of civil liberties and constitutional rights on the Harvard campus by hosting speakers and organizing events throughout the school year. In addition to focusing on core issues of freedom of speech and religion, racial justice, privacy, women’s rights, and LGBT rights, last year’s events also shined a spotlight on the ongoing civil rights and civil liberties violations occurring in connection to the war on terror.

ACLU-HLS also offers career opportunities for students who are considering working for the ACLU as a summer intern or as part of their legal career.  The organization works closely with the ACLU of Massachusetts and will host ACLU networking events throughout the year.  The group can be a great stepping-stone to an ACLU or civil rights job opportunity, or simply a way to learn more about civil rights issues and meet like-minded students.