Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice: Speak Out About Abortion Week, Nov. 14th-18th

HLSRJ is hosting a weeklong campaign in November (the 14th-18th) to encourage members of the HLS community to share reproductive health stories in an effort to de-stigmatize issues like abortion, birth control, and STDs. The week is called Speak Out About Abortion, and they’ve created a system for students to share their stories anonymously:

Sex, birth control, relationships, pregnancy termination, std’s….

We all have stories about decisions we’ve made about our reproductive and sexual health. As part of Speak Out, a Boston-wide campaign to increase awareness about sexual and reproductive justice, please share your stories anonymously with us!


We’re looking for stories about anything related to reproductive and sexual health. Stories about a time you chose not to have sex, or to have sex, or about a time when you thought your or your partner’s contraception failed are all welcome. They can be as simple as “I use condoms,” to as complex as a story about a pregnancy, whether you decided to end it or to keep it. We will use your stories, with just your school’s name and year, as part of our campaign to promote an open dialogue about sex and reproductive health on campus. Stories from all genders are welcome!


Stories should be short (just a paragraph or so) and relate a personal experience you had. You can post them anonymously here:




Thanks for your contribution!

Boston Students for Sexual and Reproductive Justice
Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice

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