ACS/Federalist Society Colloquium! Thursday, Nov. 3, 8:15-9:15pm. Hauser 105. Roundtable, open discussion format. Diner served.

Topic: Harvard Law School graduates have a moral obligation to do public interest work.

Graduates of Harvard Law School are fortunate to enjoy a wide array of career opportunities, which may include less-lucrative “public interest” work. Given all of our options, do we have a moral obligation to do public interest work? If so, can we fulfill that obligation merely by participating in firm pro bono efforts, or is something greater required? What is “public interest” work in the first place? And how should we conceive of the purpose of our education?

Join the American Constitution Society and the Federalist Society as we debate these questions and more. All viewpoints are welcome, and we encourage people to come ready to engage their fellow students. Those who don’t wish to speak are also welcome to simply observe or to ask questions.

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