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Professor Janet Halley on the New Harvard University Sexual Harassment Policy


Note: The following is a memo written by Professor Janet Halley to the Harvard community. ACS is posting this memo as a follow up to the recent Town Hall event ACS co-sponsored on Harvard’s new Sexual Harassment policy, at which Professor Halley shared many of these views. ACS neither endorses nor rejects the views in …

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Removing the Scarlet Letter from Abortion with Louise Melling


Louise Melling’s message to the students of Harvard Law School was clear: we shouldn’t just simply care about reproductive freedom and access to abortion; it should be the issue to which we devote ourselves. She appealed to students, even emotionally at times, asking the audience to join her “team.” By the end of her hour-long …

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U.S., ISIS, and the AUMF: Feldman and Goldsmith discuss the Authorization for the Use of Military Force


On Monday, September 22, Harvard Law School Professors Jack Goldsmith and Noah Feldman discussed the burgeoning conflict against the terrorist group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the Obama administration’s domestic legal basis for the use of force. Professor Goldsmith began by sketching out the three distinct legal arguments put …

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Professor Laurence Tribe Kicks Off Semester For ACS at HLS


On Tuesday, September 16, 2014 the distinguished Professor Laurence Tribe kicked off the ACS year with a speech, a Q&A, and a teaser of his newest book Uncertain Justice: The Roberts Court and the Constitution. Tribe’s twenty minute remarks were short, yet sweeping. He surveyed the overarching themes of the Roberts Court, commenting on each …

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The Alien Tort Statute: A Year After Kiobel

ATS event

A panel of distinguished human rights litigators convened Thursday, April 17th at Harvard Law School to discuss Alien Tort Statute litigation, one year after the Supreme Court’s decision in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum. The Alien Tort Statute (ATS), passed as part of the Judiciary Act of 1789, states that “The district courts shall have …

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The Uncertain Parameters of US Targeted Killing

Gabor Rona

It’s one thing to employ drones in a long-term campaign of targeted killing overseas. It’s another thing altogether to do so without transparency or citation of the legal authority for the attacks. This was the point that Gabor Rona, International Legal Director of Human Rights First and Lecturer at Columbia Law School, focused on in …

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ACS Presents: Race & Obama

Race and Obama Event

On Monday, March 31, senior political analyst for CNN and Harvard Kennedy School Professor David Gergen visited HLS for an ACS, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute, and BLSA co-sponsored lunch talk about President Obama and race.  Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree moderated the event.  Mr. Gergen began by discussing what President Obama’s election meant to …

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