Since the founding of the American Constitution Society by Peter B. Rubin, HLS ’87, Harvard Law School alumni have played a major role in guiding the ACS and in contributing to its mission.

Today, the ACS chapter at Harvard Law School fosters relationships between students and alumni by hosting social events and discussions of legal issues, through its mentorship program, and by sending students to the yearly ACS convention in Washington, DC.

Harvard Law alumni who are ACS members include: Attorney General Eric Holder, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Professor Laurence Tribe, former Attorney General Janet Reno, 9/11 Commission Member Jamie Gorelick, Congressman Alan Grayson, former ACLU Director Nadine Strossen, prominent criminal defense attorney Ted Wells and author Scott Turow.

The HLS chapter welcomes involvement from any and all ACS alumni. Please contact Josh Green or Ona Balkus for information about getting involved or with ideas about alumni events.