ACS/Federalist Society Colloquium

m4s0n501 ACS/Federalist Society Colloquium! Thursday, Nov. 3, 8:15-9:15pm. Hauser 105. Roundtable, open discussion format. Diner served. Topic: Harvard Law School graduates have a moral obligation to do public interest work. Graduates of Harvard Law School are fortunate to enjoy a wide array of career opportunities, which may include less-lucrative “public interest” work. Given all of …

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Bipartisanship over Beer

Have you ever wanted to discuss politics with “the other side” over drinks without it being taboo? If so, come for casual political dialogue amongst HLS Republicans, HLS Democrats, the Federalist Society, and ACS. Bipartisanship over Beer. Wednesday, Nov. 2, 7:00-8:30pm at Queens Head Pub (25 cent wings and cheap beer!). Cosponsored by the Federalist …

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Consumer Protection: Lessons from Psychology, Economics and the Law

NYU Professor Oren Bar-Gill will talk about the role of consumer psychology (and behavioral economics) in consumer protection, with a focus on the regulation of consumer financial products and the fledgling Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. NYU Professor Oren Bar-Gill: “Consumer Protection: Lessons from Psychology, Economics and the Law” Tuesday, Nov. 1, 12–1pm in Hauser 102. …

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A Supreme Court Moot: United States v. Jones

Do Police need a warrant before attaching a GPS Tracker to your car? Judge for yourself at an exclusive argument preview of the upcoming Supreme Court case, United States v. Jones. Stephen Leckar and Micah Smith, counsel for Jones, will moot the case for the HLS community before it is argued in the Supreme Court. …

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Harpoon Brewery Beer Tasting

Harpoon Brewery Beer Tasting. Friday, Oct 21, 5:30-7pm at Harpoon Brewery, 306 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 02210. Free beer!   This Friday, October 21st, join ACS for a beer tasting at Harpoon Brewery from 5:30-7pm. The event is completely free and is a great opportunity to get to know other progressives on campus! Only 40 …

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