Many former and current ACS members have donated to the exam and outline bank to help fellow ACS members prepare for exams. If you were one of the students who received an Honors or a Dean’s Scholar grade in a class, please consider donating your class outline and exam to the ACS exam and outline bank. Here’s how you do it in two easy steps:

1. Get a copy of your exam by emailing the registrar at with the name of the class, the professor, the term (e.g. Spring 2012), and your exam ID.

2. Fill out the form below. To protect your privacy, we have made exam and outline submission anonymous, so not even the ACS Academics Director will know your identity. The filename will be changed automatically when you submit.

Which year?

Which semester?

Which class? (e.g., CivPro)


Professor’s Last Name? (e.g., Rubenstein)


Outline or Exam?

Your Grade?

Any comments or tips about the class, professor, exam, cold calls etc.?

Upload the file here:

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