About the Exam Bank

The Harvard Law School chapter of ACS possesses one of the most impressive Exam and Outline Banks on campus.  It contains over 1000 past exams and outlines from 75 different classes, with each exam/outline donated by a past ACS member that received a grade of Honors or higher in the class (or A- or higher under the old grading system). ACS members who meet the eligibility requirements may sign up for access here and then request exams/outlines.

Steps to Becoming an ACS Member

Current members of the HLS ACS chapter are granted access to the Exam Bank. You may become a full member by satisfying these requirements:

1. Become a member of ACS National. This membership lasts until August 1 off the following academic year. It only takes a minute to sign up, and $10 covers you for the whole year. Make sure to keep your email confirmation of your registration for proof of membership.

2.  Attend two HLS ACS events during each school year in which you want access to the Exam Bank.

3. Fill out the Exam Bank / ACS Membership registration form.

4. Fill out the request form.

To get access, please send confirmation of these requirements to acsexams@gmail.com.

Exam Bank Policies

Only current dues-paying members of ACS will be granted access to the Bank. All annual memberships will reset on August 1st of each year, regardless of when the membership was initiated (e.g., a contribution and membership initiated in May of 2014 will expire in August of 2014). The membership initiation date will be counted as the date that the membership confirmation email was forwarded to the ACS account.

No materials taken from the ACS Bank (exams, outlines, study guides or evaluations) may be shared with anyone, ACS member or otherwise. A user who knowingly and/or purposefully violates this request may be banned from future access to the exam bank. Pursuant to this request, individuals should refrain from posting these materials (e.g., in Section Facebook groups, other websites, non-ACS outline banks) or emailing the materials they receive from the ACS bank to anyone.


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