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Taking the Pulse of Public Defense 50 Years after Gideon


“Why aren’t you ready?” the judge asked. “I have no counsel,” Gideon replied. In 1963 the Supreme Court handed down the unanimous decision Gideon v. Wainwright, which famously established a criminal defendant’s right to free counsel. The Court clearly favored this outcome: they selected the incredibly experienced Abe Fortas to represent Clarence Earl Gideon against …

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Government by Crisis: A Panel on the Shutdown

2013-10-03 12-1.38.06

On Thursday, October 3rd, more than 180 students came to listen as ACS and the Law and Government Program of Study hosted Professors Howell E. Jackson and Robert E. Mnookin in a panel discussion about the recent government shutdown. Professor Jackson began the talk by noting that despite the relative frequency of government shutdowns (17 …

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Changing the Image of the American Worker

Lenora Lapides

m4s0n501 On Thursday, September 26th, Lenora Lapides from the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project came to speak. Her topic was something that was theoretically solved by a congressional act in 1978: pregnancy discrimination. Some women are fired on the spot when they tell their bosses that they are pregnant, while others are more subtly pushed out, …

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