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American Constitution Society symposium, “Democracy in Peril: Voting Rights and Election Law in the 21st Century”

Join us for the first-ever Greater Boston area American Constitution Society symposium, “Democracy in Peril: Voting Rights and Election Law in the 21st Century.”  The event is co-sponsored by all of the ACS chapters at Boston-area law schools and is taking place in Wasserstein 2012 on Saturday, March 31st. The symposium includes a keynote address by one of the leading …

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Noam Chomsky, “‘Is America Over?’ Prospects, Paranoia, and the Roots of Current Malaise.” Fri, March 23, 12-1pm, Austin East.

The title, borrowed from the front cover of the December issue of Foreign Affairs, reflects a pervasive theme in public and professional discussion: America’s decline. A standard corollary is “the rising power of China,” considered by a large plurality of academics and policymakers to be the most alarming prospect facing the country. The decline is …

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Benjamin Sachs, “What Does Citizens United Mean for Unions?” Thurs, March 22, 12-1pm, WCC 1023.

In Citizens United, the Supreme Court notoriously held that Congress could not restrict corporate election spending–nor could it restrict unions’ spending. While the media has extensively covered the effect of this decision on corporations’ roles in elections, less has been said about what the decision means for unions. Prof. Benjamin Sachs will talk about how …

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Unsex Mothering: Toward a New Culture of Parenting

A Conference on Darren Rosenblum’s Unsex Mothering: Toward a New Culture of Parenting.  Mon, Feb 13, 5-7pm in Austin Hall North.  Presented by Harvard Journal of Law & Gender. In the category of “mothering,” legal sex neutrality crashes into social default regimes to construct women as “mothers,” who serve as primary parents, and men as “fathers.” …

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ACS DC Trip Application Extension

m4s0n501 ACS DC Trip Application Extension!  Email application due Fri, Feb 17 to misty.nicole.wright@gmail.com. We feel bad that our application did not go out until late due to the ACS listserv being down, and we know that many folks didn’t have time last week to make the deadline.  Thus, we are granting an extension for applications …

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Overturning Citizens United: Amendment or Convention?

Overturning Citizens United: Amendment or Convention? Tues, Jan 31, 12-1 in Austin West. Free lunch! Citizens United had the detrimental effect of inundating an already-broken campaign finance system with corporate influence. Professor Lawrence Lessig (Republic Lost) and Author Jeff Clements (Corporations Are NOT People) will review the impact of Citizens United on the current presidential …

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Progressives in the Private Sector Panel Discussion

Progressives in the Private Sector Panel Discussion.  Monday, Nov. 1, 1-2pm at Boston U. School of Law, 765 Commonwealth Ave, Room 1270, Boston, MA.  Free lunch!  Presented by the Boston Lawyer and Boston U. School of Law ACS chapters. The Boston Lawyer Chapter and the Boston University School of Law Student Chapter of the American Constitution Society …

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