Welcome to Advocates for Human Rights!

It is truly with great excitement that we welcome you to the Advocates community. We know how frustrating law school can be at times, and we genuinely hope for Advocates for Human rights to be a radically different space—a space of compassion where we can work together on our collaborative struggles for justice.

To achieve this goal, the Executive Board has been working tirelessly to create a wide variety of opportunities to participate in human rights campaigns and projects (with the International Human Rights Clinic and student-led efforts), while simultaneously providing resources for constant critical reflection. It is our sincere belief that through working together on difficult moral, legal, and strategic questions, we can create a community that supports each other in our collective passion for human rights, now and into the future.

With that, we encourage you to engage in one or more of the different projects available, explore many of the different events and trainings that we have planned, and, most importantly, make an effort to get to know and learn from your colleagues. It is thus, with genuine warmth and affection, that we say welcome.