How to Join Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates community is comprised of LLMs, first, second, and third-year students at Harvard Law School. We have a diverse community of members with varying degrees of experience in the human rights field, and all of our members share the common interest of working and participating in human rights advocacy here at HLS.

Students who join Advocates are immediately assigned to one or more of our project teams and the Advocate will have the opportunity to participate substantively in a clinical and/or student-led project. We require a minimum time commitment of an average of 3 hours a week in order to participate on a project team. We also ask each of our members to commit formally to their project: As a Student Practice Organization we have responsibilities towards our partners and clients and we ask each of our members to sign a commitment agreement before joining a team.  Second-year and third-year Advocates and clinical students from the International Human Rights Clinic will jointly provide expert supervision for all members.

Advocates for Human Rights also hosts a number of exciting events throughout the school year including speaker events, training events, and social gatherings. Members are encouraged not only to attend these events, but to become involved in planning and organizing these events.

In order to join Advocates for Human Rights and to join a project team, students are required to attend a mandatory Training Conference held at the beginning of each school year. Those unable to attend are still very welcome at all of our public events throughout the year.