Advocates for Human Rights works on a number of exciting student-led projects resulting from the efforts of second and third-year students who have forged strong relationships with domestic and international NGOs. Many of these relationships have developed from summer internships and previous work experience, and student-led projects offer the valuable opportunity to continue your work with these organizations well into the school year with a small group of Advocates volunteers.

Previous student-led projects include internal legal memorandums on issues related to international human rights law as well as the organization of advocacy campaigns.

In order to create and lead a student project with a partner organization, you must submit a Project Proposal to the Projects Coordinator.  The deadline for proposals for a student-led project for the Fall 2013 semester have past.  Deadlines for Spring 2014 are January 6, 2014.


Project proposals should be no more than 1500 words and should include the following information:

Organization Background information: Provide the name of the partner organization, a short description of the organization, and the contact information for your point person at the organization.

Project Description: Include a detailed description of the specific project including your prior history, if any, of working on the project and the goals of your project (for you and/or the organization).

Advocates: Please give a range of a number of volunteers and the number of hours a week of commitment that you will require for your project, keeping in mind that that the minimum time commitment for members is an average of 2 hours a week and that the average Advocate member provides no more than 4 hours a week of assistance. Also include a description of your plan for sharing responsibilities on the project among Advocates members.

Timeline: Describe when the project should be completed and provide details, if known, regarding whether the work will be a consistent time commitment for Advocates members or if the amount of work will fluctuate throughout the semester.

Other: Include any additional information you think is relevant.

Short paragraph description of the project: In no more than 4-6 sentences, please provide a short description of your project that, if approved, we will include in the project selection sheets for our members.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact the Projects Coordinator — Meg McDermott — at