2013-2014 APALSA Board


jiha                                               Sohn

Jiha Ko                                                                                          Michelle Sohn

cko@jd15.law.harvard.edu                                                                msohn@jd15.law.harvard.edu

The Co-Presidents are the representatives of APALSA. The co-presidents direct and facilitate all general events and affairs conducted by APALSA. The co-presidents will call and oversee all meetings of the executive board and the general body. They are also in charge of the 1L rep program, acting as liaisons between the 1L reps and the executive board. The co-presidents are also responsible for organizing and hosting diversity leadership summits (dinners with leaders from different affinity groups at HLS) to promote diversity and foster inter-affinity relationships at HLS.

Finance Co-Chairs

 emily du                                                  seyoung

     Emily Du                                                                                      Se Young Ahn

     emilydu22@gmail.com                                                                 sahn@jd15.law.harvard.edu

The APALSA Finance Co-Chairs work together to obtain financing for APALSA’s many social, political, and professional events. The Co-Chairs serve as a liaison between APALSA and law firm sponsors, working to meet the financing needs of the APALSA membership while addressing any sponsor concerns and finding ways for sponsors to get more involved in APALSA events.



Jessica Jung


The Treasurer is generally responsible for all financial matters of APALSA. The treasurer will approve, in conjunction with the co-presidents, all APALSA-related expenses, including those associated with the annual conference. The treasurer will also, along with the co-presidents, be responsible for drafting and submitting the budget and making sure the organization stays on budget throughout the year.

Membership Chair

emily xiao

Emily Xiao


The Membership Chair focuses on recruiting 1Ls (i.e., pairing 1Ls with upperclassmen mentors in September, organizing ice cream socials) and maintaining current member activity (i.e., upperclassmen bonding nights). The chair also plans and implements events relating to the Sib Family program and Admitted Students Weekend.  Lastly, the membership chair assists co-chairs and social chairs in planning events that overlap with membership bonding.

Political Chair


Sophie Kim


The Political Chair informs members of current issues relevant to Asian Pacific Americans and coordinates political and community activities for the members.  This year’s events include discussions, panels, and speakers regarding Asian Pacific American identity and Asian Pacific American leadership in politics, the judiciary, the private sector, and public service.

Conference Co-Chairs

                              cathleen                                   matthew

Cathleen Chang                                                                         Matthew Ly

cchang@jd15.law.harvard.edu                                                kly@jd15.law.harvard.edu

The Conference Co-Chairs are in charge of planning the Annual National Conference on Law and Public Policy hosted by Harvard APALSA. The Conference is in its 20th year and attracts around 250 law students and professionals from across the nation for a day of discussion and celebration of APA achievements and challenges. The Co-Chairs are in charge of narrowing a theme and selecting topics for the panels, inviting speakers, advertising to Harvard and other schools, organizing logistics of the entire operation, and (along with the finance chairs) corresponding with firms who sponsor the event.

Social Chair


Clark Xue


The Social Chair fosters a sense of community by planning non-academic events to bring members together. They plan events to help connect members with other affinity groups and other APALSA groups from other schools in casual and fun settings.  The Social Chair also works with the Membership Chair on large events such as Diversity Retreat, Boat Cruise, and Ski Trip.

Professional Development & Alumni Relations Chair


M Shin


The Professional Development & Alumni Relations Chair is dedicated to providing current students with resources for career development and increasing communication between students and HLS alumni. The Chair works closely with the APALSA Alumni Board to expand the alumni database and to plan various events specifically for alumni. Additionally the Chair organizes panel discussions and other professional events for current students.

Public Interest Chair


Julina Guo


The Public Interest Chair informs members of public interest related issues relevant to Asian Pacific Americans and coordinates events and activities to promote interest and awareness of such issues.

Academic Chair

 michael qin

Michael Qin


The Academic Chair is responsible for providing academic support and employment/clerkship information for APALSA members. He also aids in recruiting prospective law students to the law school and current law students to the organization.

Communications Chair


Christopher Han


The Communications Chair coordinates all communications and publicity (e.g., sending out periodic “APALSA Announcement” emails), maintains the organization website, maintains a current membership directory, and takes minutes at all executive board and general meetings.