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Sib Fam Sign up and Message to 1Ls

Key Sign Ups (deadline is Saturday 9/22 at midnight) 1L SIB Fam Sign...

Key Sign Ups (deadline is Saturday 9/22 at midnight)

1L SIB Fam Sign up: by

1L Mailing List and Section Rep sign up:

2L/3L Sib Fam Sign Up:

Letter to 1Ls:

Dear 1Ls,

My name is Vivian Ban and I am the Membership Chair of the Asian Pacific American Law Students
Association (APALSA). On behalf of APALSA, I want to welcome you to Harvard Law School! I hope
your first few weeks have been going well so far.

For those of you who have not yet met us, APALSA is an organization that strives to increase awareness
and understanding of Asian Pacific American issues and to help give students opportunities to get to
better know the law school, each other, and the community. This year, APALSA will host numerous
professional, political, and social activities, including a study tips panel, boat cruise, and the National
Asian Pacific American Conference on Law and Public Policy at Harvard. If you would like to be
included in APALSA’s mailing list to receive e-mails on upcoming events, meetings, and minority
job and scholarship opportunities, please sign up at

In addition, APALSA organizes unique mentoring and social groups consisting of 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls
called “sib families.” Sib families are great opportunities for 1Ls to meet students from other sections and
years and to widen their network at Harvard. Additionally, sib families are a chance for 1Ls to get support
and advice from other students as the groups will be organized based on similar interests or experiences.
If you are interested in becoming part of a sib family, please fill out the survey at
spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dG1WUFp4YUhPVGwxbXI5TEVtTnkwdnc6MQ#gid=0 by Friday,
September 21.

Finally, APALSA is looking for students from each section to be 1L Section Representatives for this
year. As Section Representatives, you will help organize and publicize APALSA events, give feedback to
the board on issues affecting 1Ls, and submit ideas on how better we can serve the Harvard community.
Section Representatives are a great way for students to have leadership positions their first year and to
become familiar with the APALSA board and its duties. Many of the current APALSA board members
were 1L Section Representatives their first year and benefited from that experience during their job search
and interviewing process. If you are interested in becoming a 1L Section Representative, please indicate
that interest using the link above to the sign-up page for the APALSA mailing list. Sign-ups for the 1L
Section Representatives will end Friday, September 21. You may still sign up for the APALSA mailing
list after that time.

APALSA’s first general meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 25 from 7-9 pm in the
Harkness South Dining Room. This will be a chance for you to meet the APALSA board as well as
other 2Ls and 3Ls. We will also have sign-ups for APALSA committees that will be in charge of handling
the group’s various events and operations. Dinner will be served.

In the meantime, feel free to view our website at
and let us know if you have any questions about APALSA. Remember to sign up for sib families or to
become a 1L Section Representative by Friday, September 21. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Vivian Ban
2012-2013 APALSA Membership Chair