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On behalf of the Harvard Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA), we welcome you to the 20th Annual National Conference on Law and Public Policy! Registration will be open soon.

The first annual APALSA conference in 1995 explored the coalition between APA lawyers and policy makers to address the concerns of the APA community. In this 20th annual conference, “Driving Change”  we hope to facilitate a reflection of change in the context of the APA community and American society as a whole. What are we changing from and where are we headed? What are the natural driving forces? Should we determine where we want to go or simply be passive participants? If we want to define the direction, then what is that direction and how do we take action?

We hope that this year’s conference will provide attendees with a platform to consider these difficult questions and serve as a springboard to inspire discussion and collaboration with colleagues and peers. Only by examining our past progress and successes can we begin to contemplate this vision. And only then can we start to look at how we, as future leaders, can play a part in shaping and driving change.

The Conference will take place on Saturday, February 22, 2014, on the Harvard Law School campus and at the Sheraton Commander Hotel.

We are excited to offer a number of panels that span topics from activism, career and leadership opportunities in firms, academia and the judiciary, to Asian Americans in media, journalism, and entertainment. Each panel examines a different facet the Asian American experience, and will showcase the accomplishment of APAs in various fields while presenting diverse perspectives on a wide range of social, political and cultural issues.

Through the panels and a slate of other exciting events – including a welcome reception, networking luncheon, and evening banquet – we hope to provide you with opportunities to make meaningful connections and to spark discussions with peers, friends, colleagues, and mentors.

We look forward to meeting you in February, and in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


Cathleen Chang and Matthew Ly

Conference Co-Chairs