Event Descriptions

Diversity Retreat

The Annual Diversity Retreat is Harvard APALSA’s welcome event for incoming first-law law students.  The retreat gives Harvard APALSA an opportunity to introduce 1L students to the various facets of our community: the legal, social, and political issues that tie us together, the community services we engage in, the leadership opportunities available to them, and the support structure and resources that they can look to as they navigate their next three years at Harvard Law. Typically, the Retreat is held in the Cape Cod area.  Past events have included a full day at a resort or an overnight stay at a rental house.


Sib Family Dim Sum

APALSA provides an opportunity for 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls to meet for some delicious dim sum brunch. Students get to mingle with their sib families as well as other APALSA members. It’s a nice study break in Boston that forces 1Ls to enter Bean Town.


Autumn Boat Cruise

A Harvard APALSA tradition, the autumn boat cruise has brought together APALSA student leaders from Harvard, Yale, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, and New England School of Law – in numbers approaching one hundred to two hundred per year. This year, we also hope to use this event to strengthen our ties with other affinity groups at Harvard Law School by inviting student leaders of Harvard Black Law Students Association (BLSA), Harvard South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) and La Alianza. Sponsors of the Autumn Boat Cruise are promoted in the publicity for the event at each of the participating schools, as well as throughout the night of the event through the placement of signs and other materials.


1L Diversity Career Fair

One of the major events that the Professional/Alumni Chair is responsible for is the 1L Career Fair. It’s a great opportunity to meet with firm representatives and connect 1Ls with actual practicing lawyers or former alums. New students will learn firsthand about the different opportunities and programs that each firm offers for the upcoming summer. Usually the event has a special focus on diversity initiatives, but all are welcome to attend. The turnout is always great and it’s an excellent chance to network and meet former HLS grads who are now working at major firms.


Annual Ski Retreat

During the retreat, 2L and 3L APALSA members will mentor 1L. APALSA members about upcoming career, academic, and leadership opportunities within APALSA as well as the greater law school community. Sponsors of the Winter Ski Retreat will receive special recognition in APALSA publications during the month of the event.


Annual National Asian Pacific American Conference on Law and Public Policy

Since 1995, this event has been the premier conference on law and policy issues relating to Asian Pacific Americans. Last year and this year, over 250 legal professionals, academics, activists, and students attended the Conference. The traditional format for Conference has been 6 panels covering various issues and career interests of APAs during the day, followed by an Alumni Cocktail Reception, Dinner Banquet, and after parties. Panel topics range from diversity in law firm leadership to immigration policy. The Co-Chairs this year focused on inviting speakers in fall term, and started working on logistics and advertising intensively during J-Term and February.


EIP Insiders’ Tips Panel

Harvard APALSA’s EIP Insiders’ Tips Panel connects the recruiting directors from top law firms with first-year students planning on participating in Harvard’s Early Interview Program in the Fall of 2L, which includes most students interested in firm opportunities. A reception will follow the panel discussion. This event is designed to allow firm representatives to speak frankly and openly about the Fall recruiting process in a relatively intimate setting.


1L Professional Development Panels

Harvard APALSA is dedicated to helping APAs succeed in the legal profession, especially during 1L year. We will organize a series of events that aim to help students understand how to study for exams and find the ideal first year summer internship. These events typically draw a large audience of APALSA members and students from the HLS community. As a Sponsor, firm representatives will be able to hand out materials and have its name attached to the latter two events. The firm will also receive a complimentary table at the 1L Career Fair in January.


Diversity Leadership Summit

The Diversity Leadership Summit was created to foster relationships among Harvard Law School’s affinity groups by bringing together the leaders of various diverse organizations on campus. Last year, participation included the Presidents of Harvard’s APALSA, Black Law Students Association, South Asian Law Students Association, La Alianza, Women’s Law Association, Lambda, and Middle East Law Students Associations. The event gives the campus leaders a chance to discuss issues relevant to minority groups and ideas for more effective collaboration. We meet 2-3 times a year often accompanied by representatives from a sponsor firm who can contribute ideas and feedback.