Colonel Everett Spain, HBS Doctoral Student, to receive Army Soldier’s Medal

We invite all in the Boston area to attend a very special occasion.

Friday, 3:30 pm at HBS, HBS doctoral student, Everett Spain, will receive the Army’s Soldier’s Medal for his actions in the aftermath at last year’s marathon bombings. Please RSVP.

Everett Spain is an active duty U.S. Army Colonel and Doctoral Student at Harvard Business School. Last year he was serving as a guide for Mr. Steve Sabra, a blind runner in the Boston Marathon. They were approximately 100 meters from the finish when the first bomb detonated. Col. Spain pulled Mr. Sabra through the finish and transferred him to another member of the support staff and raced to the site of the first blast to treat the injured. He proceeded to use his shirt as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding of one victim while simultaneously reassuring his frantic daughter. Col. Spain then moved to assist other injured and then to search for victims that might have been trapped or covered by debris; and to evacuate the building which he thought had been set on fire.