Executive Board

The 2013–2014 Harvard BLSA Executive Board consists of five Executive Officers and the Chairperson(s) of each HBLSA Committee.


President, Everson Ladson

Year at HLS: 3L (Class of 2014)
Undergraduate Education: Howard University, 2008
Email: hblsapresident<at>gmail.com


Internal Vice President, Domonique Worship

Year at HLS: 3L (Class of 2014)
Undergraduate Education: University of Florida, 2011
Email: hblsainternalvicepresident<at>gmail.com


External Vice President, Anisha Queen

Year at HLS: 3L (Class of 2014)
Undergraduate Education: University of Maryland, 2011
Email: hblsaexternalvicepresident<at>gmail.com


Treasurer, Robert Hickman

Year at HLS: 2L (Class of 2015)
Undergraduate Education: College of New Jersey, 2011
Email: hblsatreasury<at>gmail.com


Secretary, Victoria White-Mason

Year at HLS: 2L (Class of 2015)
Undergraduate Education: Spelman College, 2008
Email: hblsasecretary<at>gmail.com



Committee Chairpersons

Academic Affairs: Keith James &  Edward Robinson – hblsaacademicaffairs<at>gmail.com

Africa Summit: Fatima Hassan & Gina Lawrence – hblsaafricasummit<at>gmail.com

Black History Month: Charity Fort – hblsablackhistorymonth<at>gmail.com

Community Outreach: Michael Athy & Alana Kirkland – hblsacommunityoutreach<at>gmail.com

Competitions: Jennifer Johns – hblsacompetitions<at>gmail.com

Fundraising: Brandon Whittaker – hblsafundraisingcommittee<at>gmail.com

Historian: Jaimie McFarlin – hblsahistorian<at>gmail.com

LAMP: Will Desmond & Keron Morris – hblsalamp<at>gmail.com

Membership Engagement: Jacques Anderson & McKenzie Morris – hblsamembershipengagement<at>gmail.com

Orientation:  Justin Dews & Chelsea Rogers – hblsaorientation<at>gmail.com

Parliamentarian: Lauren Gore – hblsaparliamentarian<at>gmail.com

Political Action: Whitney Benns & Ron McKenzie – hblsapoliticalaction<at>gmail.com

Professional Development: Patrick Bassey, Derrick Davis & Johannes Widmalm-Delphonse – hblsarofessionaldevelopment<at>gmail.com

Social: Valeria Prosper & Khadijah Robinson – hblsasocialcommittee<at>gmail.com

Social Justice: Lindsay McKenzie & Liat Rome – hblsasocialjustice<at>gmail.com

Spring Conference: Melissa Chastang & Davida McGhee – hblsaspringconferencecommittee<at>gmail.com

Street Law: Sabreena el-Amin & Sia Henry – hblsastreetlaw<at>gmail.com