Academic Affairs

Chairs: Marcus Gadson (’15) and Marissa Leonce (’16)

The Academic Affairs Committee of Harvard BLSA exists to advance the opportunities and to improve the skills of both student members and the community at large in the realm of academia.

Programs include:

  • 1L Study Tips Panel -This is an annual event organized to help 1L students transition to the law school. 2L and 3L give tips concerning briefing cases, class preparation, the Socratic Method, and general questions concerning particular professors and study habits in general.
  • 1L Exam Tips Panel -BLSA organizes an exam tips panel a month before exams to give 1L student tips regarding the exam preparation and test taking process. 2L and 3L members provide feedback and tips regarding the exam process.
  • BLSA Clerkship Panel -3L members give advice to 2L members looking to clerk. This panel is held yearly and gives 2L members of the board the chance to ask questions to those members that have recently completed the process.
  • BSA, Legal Aid, and Law Review Info and Tips Session -BLSA members active in Board of Student Advisors (BSA), Legal Aid, and Law Review present information regarding each of the organizations: their mission, purpose, application process, time commitment of the organization, and the benefits of each organization.