Historian & Alumni Affairs

Chair: Lauren Lemonious (’16), Alyssa Richardson (’15), and Jon Wall (’16)

Historians are legacy builders, and they are responsible for helping to create and maintain HBLSA’s institutional knowledge.  Historians not only capture and archive the important events that occur throughout the academic year, but they also preserve these memories in a form that is accessible to Harvard BLSA members for many years to come.  The Historians are instrumental in compiling a scrapbook of Harvard BLSA activities, which is submitted to the Northeat and National BLSA organizations.

Like most organizations we are only as strong as our network, and our alumni are in many ways our biggest asset. The Alumni Affairs prong of this committee is responsible for maintaining a database of information about alumni of the Association and serving as a liaison between Harvard Law School and alumni of the Association, providing alumni with current news and information about events of the Association and Harvard Law School.