Spring Conference

Chairs: Melissa Chastang (’14) and Davida McGhee (’15)

For more information on our 31st Annual Spring Conference: Rewriting the Agenda: A Call to Action

With more than three hundred participants, the annual Conference is Harvard BLSA’s largest event of the year. Spanning three days, this event seeks to explore how the law impacts the 21st century Black community. Spring Conference provides a forum for networking among Harvard BLSA members, admitted  students, students from other law schools across the country, community members, faculty, and Harvard BLSA alumni. Many notable figures have attended HBLSA’s Spring Conference in the past, including the Honorable Stephen Reinhardt, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Ted Wells, Willie Gary, Thurgood Marshall, Jr., Donna Brazile, Governor Deval Patrick, and Assistant Attorney General Tony West. This year, we are celebrating the 31st Anniversary of Harvard BLSA’s signature event!

Email: HBLSASpringConferenceCommittee@gmail.com