The HLS Christian Fellowship (CF), established 1968, is a diverse community united by our love for and curiosity about the person of Jesus Christ. We are an official, independent, student-led group at HLS and benefit from historic partnerships with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the Christian Legal Society, and the Harvard Chaplains. Our vision is to bring the whole Gospel to HLS by building up a joyful and welcoming fellowship of believers equipped to engage the legal community, and by inviting members of HLS to join us in following Jesus with our lives.

We are JDs, LLMs, SJDs, and visiting scholars. We love to host Professors as well (email us and we’ll make sure to have coffee). We are also the significant others, spouses, and children of our Members.

We host Bible studies, prayer groups, workshops, reading groups, testimonies, talks, academic lectures, service projects, retreats, dinners, coffees, dialogues, and more.

In past years, we have also partnered with a number of other HLS groups—including the Catholic Law Students Association, the HLS Latter-day Saints Students Association, the Jewish Law Students Association, the Muslim Law Students Association, and the Black Law Students Association—on academic events, interfaith dialogues, and service projects. We also collaborate with our sister fellowships at Harvard Business School, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Graduate School of Education, GSAS, and Harvard College to host speaker events (such as The Veritas Forum).

CF members participate in clinics, on journals, in sports and musical groups, serve in their local churches and communities. Some of us are married, some are parents. We strive to follow Jesus in our lives, and as a group we support one another in that endeavor.

CF is led by a Servant Team consisting of Members who have stepped up to serve the Fellowship on numerous Planning Teams that make all of this stuff happen. We love feedback and suggestions, so please do share what you’re thinking with us. If you feel called to serve in some way, let us know so we can encourage and support you.

Our regular large group meetings are on Friday evenings. Whether you are a believing Christian, curious, agnostic, or skeptic, we’d love to meet you and talk law, reason, and faith—or just hang out. For more information, email us at hlscf@mail.law.harvard.edu, or visit us on Facebook.