Politics and Public Life

Politics and Public Life


In addition to our regular large group and small group meetings, including prayer and Bible study, CF hosts special gatherings to discuss challenging questions about faith and the law, interact with professors, or partner with other student groups for dialogue or service.

Apr. 4, time TBD. Tentative coffee hour with one of America’s leading scholars of religious liberty, Michael McConnell, a former 10th Circuit judge and now Professor at Stanford Law School.

Apr. 5, 2-5pm. Coffee and Q&A with Law Professors, First Amendment scholars, and rising stars John Inazu and Rick Garnett. Space limited, email champson@jd16— for details.

Apr. 8, 7pm. Freedom Seder, Wasserstein Hall 2036. The first Freedom Seder was hosted in 1969 on the first anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Every student group at Harvard contributes a symbol and a brief explanatory paragraph symbolizing their group’s commitment to the struggle for equality and social justice.

Apr. 11-12. Christianity and Capitalism conference, hosted by the Anglican community at the Harvard Divinity School. Modest registration fee for students. Check it out!

Sept. 27. The Veritas Forum at Harvard University, held in historic Sanders Theatre. Joining us this year is Stanford Professor Charles Lee, to discuss faith, money, and success. Dialogue partner TBD. CF will be planning a spin-off event specifically for Harvard Law School.



Mar. 3, 12-4pm. First Annual Interfaith Conference, co-hosted with JLSA, MLSA, CLSA, and HLSLDS. Three panels on “Faith and Legal Work,” introduced by Dean Minow and featuring several HLS alumni and Prof. Singer.

Feb. 8, 11am. Lunch with UPenn Law Professor David Skeel for aspiring legal academics. Prof. Skeel will lay out the paths to get a teaching job, share stories from his own journey and from his time now on hiring committees, and answer any questions.

Feb. 7, 5pm. Professor David Skeel presents “The Justice Paradox” as part of our regular large group. Legal systems, Skeel argues, often begin with great enthusiasm about their ability to effect justice. But they fail. Can Christianity, whose key moment, the crucifixion of Jesus, rests upon the failure of two of the greatest legal systems the world has known, provide another way?

J-Term. Christianity and the Law Reading Group, taught by HLS CF member and Fellow at the HLS Bankruptcy Project Stephen Adams. Members of the group will explore the connection of Christianity and law through sessions on legal theory, criminal law, justice, and debt and interest.

Dec. 3, 12pm. “Moral Mondays” with Harvard anthropologist and Christian Marla Frederick. Professor Frederick explores the religious tone of the Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina, which protested recent voting laws that affected minority communities. Historical evangelical faith, she argues, transcended the politics of right and left to advocate for the abolition of slavery.

Nov. 18, 7pm. Dinner with the leading scholarly voice of conservatism, Princeton professor of jurisprudence Robert George.

Nov. 15, 8pm. Join renowned New Testament scholar N.T. Wright and chair of the Harvard philosophy department, Sean Kelly, for the Annual Veritas Forum at Harvard University, “The Bible: Gospel, Guide, or Garbage.” Co-sponsored by Christian organizations across the campus and a number of non-Christian groups and academic departments, the Veritas Forum at Harvard annually attracts audiences of well over 1,000 to discuss questions of ultimate truth and deep meaning.



First Annual Interfaith Conference: Faith and Legal Work.

Faith and Legal Work – Part I (Dean Minow’s Opening Address, Practitioner Panel)

Faith and Legal Work – Part II (Professor Panel)

The Veritas Forum at Harvard University, 2013. “The Bible: Gospel, Guide, or Garbage?” Featuring N.T. Wright and Sean Kelly. The Bible: Gospel, Guide, or Garbage?

View Prof. Frederick at The Veritas Forum at U Tennessee. Prof. Frederick shared a similar presentation at HLS, which was not recorded. Moral Mondays

Check out Prof. Charles Lee at The Veritas Forum at Cornell for a sneak peak for Veritas ’14. You Are Not Your Resume

The Veritas Forum at Harvard University, 2012. “Religion in Public Life” Featuring renowned Harvard professor Michael Sandel and U Chicago public intellectual Jean Bethke Elshtain. Moderated by CF member Christopher Hampson, JD/MTS ’16. http://www.veritas.org/talks/under-god-role-religion-public-life