Internet Advocacy ‘Uber’ Alles

Abstract:  In May 2012, the City of Cambridge charged Uber – a livery service accessed through a GPS-based mobile app – with operating an unlicensed livery service and using an unlicensed measuring device. The Massachusetts Division of Standards adjudicated the charges, ruling against Uber and issuing a cease and desist order. An August 14th post on the Uber blog about the decision led to an outpouring of support through various social media. The next day, following a tweet from Governor Patrick promising a resolution, the Division of Standards reversed its decision. Is this a triumphant story of innovative local democracy or a cautionary tale of social media as yet another weapon in the arsenal of a wealthy minority? What does this episode say about the future of internet activism?

Internet Advocacy ‘Uber’ Alles: What Uber-Fans Accomplished in Boston & What It Means for Urban Democracy & Local Government 

By Molly Cohen

Download Molly’s article here: Internet Advocacy Uber Alles



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