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Rachel Proctor May is a 2L at HLS. Before law school, she was policy director for the mayor pro tem of Austin, Texas, and covered the environment and education for the Austin Chronicle.
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Albuquerque voters to consider first-ever municipal abortion ban.

In a new variation on state-local battles over controversial social issues, Albuquerque anti-abortion groups succeeded in gathering enough signatures to place on the city’s November ballot a measure that would criminalize abortion after 20 weeks with exceptions only to prevent the death or life-threatening physical condition of the woman.  Called the Pain Capable Unborn Child […]

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Zoned Out! — New York and California Edition

What is smelly, makes some people happy but others very irate, and may be zoned out of cities? A) Fracking for natural gas B) Medical marijuana C) All of the above In opposite ends of the country, state courts this week upheld the cities’ ability to use zoning regulations to keep out two controversial activities […]

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Another State Takes Issue with Local Same-Sex Partner Benefits

Local governments that offer benefits to unmarried same-sex partners of their employees are violating a ban on same-sex marriages in the Texas Constitution, the State Attorney General announced this week in an advisory opinion. The opinion does not have legal force, but it does function as something of an invitation to lawsuits to test the […]

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Environmental Lawsuits: City Business or State Business?

The Texas legislature has long turned a disapproving eye to local environmental legislation through preemptive laws meant to override local initiatives, such as the Shopping Bag Freedom Act filed in response to a plastic bag ban in the liberal enclave of Austin. Last week, state lawmakers introduced a new twist by introducing a bill that would limit […]

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Regulating for Density in the City With No Zoning

The City of Houston may be as well-known for its low-density sprawl as it is for. . . um. . . oil and the Astros? (What is Houston known for, anyway?) But even Houston has caught the density bug. City Council is considering a development code rewrite that (among other things) will allow densities up […]

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Arizona City Adopts Civil Union Ordinance

So what does it mean to be civilly joined in the eyes of Bisbee, Arizona? The artsy Arizona city just passed a same-sex civil union ordinance that allows same-sex couples to enjoy a City Hall ceremony that gets them a formal certificate of union, and yields such benefits as hospital visitation, family passes at the […]

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