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At the Intersection of Decentralizations: Privately Funded Courts

Business improvement districts (BIDs) have proliferated as a means of increasing property value in city commercial areas. Property owners in the district opt in to an assessment that provides funds for improved maintenance, beautification, capital improvements, community events, and enhanced security. BIDs allow willing property owners in cash-strapped cities to pursue development goals without increasing […]

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The Private Law of Drones

m4s0n501 I have been writing over the last few weeks about drones and the opportunities and challenges they represent for local governments. This is the last entry in that series. One aspect of the drone problem that is particularly ripe for local level attention, and is likely to be neglected in national regulation, is how […]

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What’s Keeping Drones Out of the City

Last week I posted about the opportunities for cities to improve law enforcement effectiveness, save money, and create jobs and fun in their communities. But to do that, they need to navigate legal issues. The first challenge is how to allow safe flying. Congress mandated in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Modernization and Reform Act […]

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Driverless Cars, The Law & The Future of Cities

Driverless cars, like those envisioned in The Jetsons, could become a reality in our lifetimes. Autonomous cars are those capable of driving and navigating entirely without direct human input.  They currently exist only as prototypes, but a number of companies are betting that they will be sold commercial in the near future.  Google’s driverless cars […]

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The City’s Drone Opportunity

Drones, or unmanned aerial systems, are not just for fighting wars or terrorists. Equipped with cameras or other sensors, they can observe and record information on areas that are expensive or difficult to survey otherwise. Unlike conventional manned vehicles, which can cost $1000 an hour for a contracted helicopter company, drones are cheap. You can […]

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