Directions to Pforzheimer House

To the main entrance (where there should be guard to let you in):

At the corner of Garden and Linnaean, if you go east for 40 yards or so, you will come to an alleyway on your right that goes into Radcliffe Quad.

If you turn south (the only option) into this alley, Holmes is on your left, and the Holmes Living Room is the 1st-floor room you’ll pass by as you continue down the alley.

Continue down the alley until you see an archway on your left that says Pforzheimer on top (it’s ornate, and the name might not leap out at you at first, but there’s only one archway). Go under the arch and up the walkway E by NE to the main entrance, which is to the left of the dining hall, which you will see through a large set of windows. (If, by the way, you walk UP from campus, you’ll encounter a large set of dining-hall-related windows that face south across the quad. This is Cabot’s dining hall, not Pforzheimer’s. Pfoho’s dining hall windows face W (and E).)

Once inside, retrace your steps to the NW corner of the 1st floor. (Note that you’ll be entering Pforzheimer House, which consists of several connected—and a few unconnected—dorms, one of which is Holmes.)


Harvard ID holders are welcome to take the Quad Shuttle, which stops directly in front of the arch/pathway going back up to the main entrance.


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