HLS Delta Project’s Fall 2010 Newsletter

The Delta Project has just come out with its second bi-annual newsletter. This newsletter includes updates and information about student projects conducted during the spring 2010 semester. In this newsletter, we have added information about projects operating in the Delta sponsored by other Harvard schools in addition to the Law School. We have added contact information for those projects if our supporters are interested in learning more about those projects.

Please note that this edition of the newsletter includes information from projects completed in spring 2010, and is not a list of our current projects. Every six months we will produce a newsletter with information about completed work from the previous semester. Thus, our fall 2010 newsletter includes updates from spring 2010 and our spring 2011 newsletter will include updates from fall 2010, and so on.

Special thanks to Hannah Orlansky for the fabulous layout of the newsletter and her ongoing communications and design assistance!

Please click here to see a copy of the spring 2010 newsletter: Fall 2010 Newsletter


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