Delta Project – Official HLS Student Organization!

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It’s official!  The HLS Mississippi Delta Project is a student organization of HLS.  In the last two years that we’ve been in existence, we had been operating as an unofficial organization, through an association with the Clinical and Pro Bono Office at HLS.  Last week, however, we filed our Constitution and organizational papers with the Dean of Students Office and are now approved as our own student organization!  We will, of course, continue our association with the Clinical and Pro Bono Office, as they provide crucial...

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Harvard Wide Delta Celebration – Success!

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Thank you so much to those of you who joined us last week at the Second Annual Harvard Mississippi Delta Celebration! It event was a huge success, giving people time to mingle, network and learn about the wide range of work being done through Harvard for the Delta. We were thrilled to have so many people there and to hear from such a diverse range of students and faculty about the wonderful work they are doing! For those of you who could not join us, the panel consisted of individuals from Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard College,...

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HLS Delta Project’s Fall 2010 Newsletter

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The Delta Project has just come out with its second bi-annual newsletter. This newsletter includes updates and information about student projects conducted during the spring 2010 semester. In this newsletter, we have added information about projects operating in the Delta sponsored by other Harvard schools in addition to the Law School. We have added contact information for those projects if our supporters are interested in learning more about those projects. Please note that this edition of the newsletter includes information from projects...

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HLS Mississippi Delta Project has a website!

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Please check out our website for more complete information about the HLS Mississippi Delta Project, our programs and initiatives, and our sponsors and advisors. The website can be viewed here: HLS Delta Project site. Thank you to Karina Chamorro and J.P. Kaytrosh in the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs for all their help in putting up the site!

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Second Annual Harvard-Wide Delta Celebration!

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Save the Date!! Wednesday, December 1st, from 6-8pm in Hark South (HLS): Over the past few years, students and faculty from Harvard Law School, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Business School, and Harvard College have traveled to the Mississippi Delta to work on a range of projects to improve the health, economic outcomes, community engagement, and overall wellness of communities in the Delta. Please join us as we come together to educate each other and others from the Harvard community about these projects and...

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Spring Break 2010 – Providing Legal Assistance to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Special thanks to HLS 1L Jeremy Haber for the spring break update posted below: “Along with four classmates, Ashley Nyquist, Tom Ferriss, Rachel Mehlsak and Robb Eastman, I recently went to Clarksdale, Mississippi for spring break to help write a small business legal guide and conduct a seminar for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs as part of the GrowDelta Initiative‘s work in the Delta. Clarksdale is about an hour south of Memphis, sitting at the intersection of Highway 61 and Highway 49, where blues legend Robert...

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HLS Delta Project’s Spring 2010 newsletter

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The Delta Project has just come out with its first bi-annual newsletter. This newsletter includes updates and information about student projects conducted during the fall 2009 and winter 2010 semesters.  A newsletter with updates from the spring 2010 semester will be published this summer.  In the next edition, we hope to include updates on some of the other Harvard projects taking place in the Delta. Special thanks to Hannah Orlansky for the fabulous layout of the newsletter and her ongoing communications and design assistance! Please click...

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Farmers markets for EVERYONE in the Delta

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The Delta Project’s Farmers Market Working Group is spending the Spring 2010 semester researching and analyzing an issue getting more attention across the U.S.: farmers market access for people receiving food assistance benefits.  Team members are currently hard at work researching all 50 states (along with Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico!) so that they can understand the scope of the issue.  Once they’ve finished collecting research (and producing colorful maps), they will begin writing an Action Plan meant as a resource for...

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Perinatal Care and Infant Mortality Assessment in Memphis

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This semester, a group of students is conducting a infant mortality assessment of Memphis, TN, and the surrounding Shelby County area.  The assessment was requested by the Tennessee Justice Center, and it is being modeled after a similar survey done by an HLS student in January of 2009.  The report that the students ultimately plan to produce will include a statement of the problem, a summary of the current state of affairs concerning ob/gyn care in the region, and recommendations to improve services offered to prenatal and parenting...

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Kids Count

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The Kids Count project involves researching and writing policy papers to be included in the Kids Count Data Book, which is an annual data book that contains statistical information as well as policy recommendations concerning children within a specific state.  Last semester we worked on papers concerning teen pregnancy and low birth rate.  This semester our Kids Count policy papers are on early childhood education and on literacy.  The papers will explore the importance and urgency of addressing the issue, previous and current Mississippi...

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